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Thanks again SKYMTL. This certainly has been a launch that has generated a great deal of frustration.

Your point about the saving grace of the i7-7740X being a lower cost entry into a platform that you can't get much benefit from until you upgrade the processor seems a valid one. I realise that isn't a recommendation from you, just insight I think is good. Even that is a little hard to swallow though; going into a new platform with the plan at the very outset to upgrade to $1000 processor in the future. Certainly would shave a bit of excitement off the upgrade. Then of course you do run the risk of what will happen with those chips you planned to upgrade to as time passes: availability and price. In my mind holding off on an upgrade and saving for the $1000 chip to enter X299 with all the features may make more sense.

It is a tough call to know what to do with X299 and Threadripper. I have been contemplating upgrading my 4790K system to something in the X299 line since Star Citizen announced that they are fully supporting multi-core systems. However in light of all this I think I'll be waiting. It is just really uncertain in my mind which way to point my money!
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