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Default ati (nvidia?) at or under 200 bucks

I've got a cousin who has a p5k deluxe, we're looking for a cheeper graphics card for him. (under 200 bucks)

he's clueless and he's looking to me for sage advice, his board is a p35, so its crossfire, and he's thinking he "may" want to go to dual graphics cards.

But here lies my problem... i'm a nvidia guy, have been for a long time, i havnt bothered to glance at ati in years, so i know next to nothing about them, except that they're actually doing pretty well right now.

ok, so, best bang for your buck in the less than 200 dollar price range, would it be better to go with 2 cheeper cards in crossfire (his monitor is NOT very high resolution) or a better single card, and if its single card anyway, would the 200 dollar nvidia or ati card be better?

just some insite to the fella who's computer this part is going into, he's only 14, and the chances of him buying a second higher end card for crossfire anytime before his board is completely outdated is very small, so if its the higher end card that is better, then either nvida or ati (whichever is better) will be fine, without having to look to the future. 200 is REALLY stretching his budget, so lets keep it around 180 so he can afford the shipping an gst.

im leaning on a more powerful single card, though anything more than an 8800 gt seems to break the 200 mark unless ncix has a sale.... I can pick one up an 8800gt for around 100 dollars, unless the ati equivilent for around 100 is about the same quality then we could get two for crossfire, though i wouldnt expect the performance gain to be much because of his low res monitor...

so, ati guys, what do you think?

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