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The mobo in question is Asus P5K SE

I found this on the Asus forum posted by djd ...

I have finally, resolved my problem of communication esata among external hd "Lacie d2 quadra next esata" and motherboard P5K, and I am pleased to explain you as I have resolved, hoping that can help someone of you ; )

1) I have eliminated the partition of the hd Lacie, windows uninstalled (management peripheral) and disconnect from the motherboard.
2) restarted the Pc, I have uninstalled the controller "Jmicron 36x raid esata/pata" in windows (management peripheral)
3) restarted the Pc, I have reinstalled the controller Jmicron, with the last update driver (1.17.38 WHQL)
4) after having turn off the Pc, I have connected the hd Lacie esata and turned on in "auto" position, no in "on" (always active) position.
5) restarted the Pc, the hd Lacie is automatically installed alone in windows, I have created the partition, and formatted.

as for magic, everything now works well, I succeed in copying, to transfer from inside hd files sata2 and pata, to hd Lacie esata, and vice versa, with a good speed...

I have to say however that if I copy files from inside hd sata2 or pata, to external hd esata, the speed is really esata, while if I reverse, therefore I copy files from the external hd esata, to inside hd sata2 or pata, speed is not the same one as in the precedent case, but slightly smaller.
this I believe is normal to this point, and however even if so was not, in comparison to all the problems that have had with this hd esata and the motherboard, I have to say that I am satisfied me! ; )

ASUSTeK Computer Inc.-Forum- P5K and eSATA connection problem with WD Studio

Sounds like a weekend project ...
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