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Personally, im running RAID lvl 5. ANd being an old net admin, and all around old school tech junkie, Ill tell you right now, if you got the money to burn, get an adapted raid 5 sata 2 66 MHZ pcix card. Or, for the real deal, invest in some REAL hardware and get a 29160 scsi card and some 15k CHeetahs! Prolly wouldnt need raid with a scsi solution coz they quality and longevity of a decent scsi subsystem smokes ANY IDE variant.
Oh, and technically its not RAID Lvl 10, its really called RAID lvl 0 + 1 , or 1 + 0, which is the same as 0 + 1. But, just remembered, Backup Exec, many types of tape back ups, or, heck! get a blu ray burner and do a back up when your drives start to make a clikcing noise!:P
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