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My System Specs

Default PSUs: how much power do you really need?

Before you run out and buy that supercharged diesel generator to power you 8800GTX SLI computer, have a look at this article by Legion Hardware where they measured what a monster system really needs. They took 4HDs 2X8800GTX, quad core CPU, 6X120mm fans- you'll never guess what they came up with: 550W!!, and it's been running fine for two months.

Are you currently thinking of building an SLI enabled Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX gaming system with an Intel quad-core processor and a couple of hard drives in RAID? Well if you are then you need a 1000 watt power supply right? Wrong, but how can this be wrong with so many 1000 watt power supplies becoming available! In fact you donít even need an 850 or 800 watt power supply to safely operate such a system. After recently building this exact system we discovered that the maximum power demand created by this configuration was just 530 watts. Basically we built an Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700 system with SLI enabled Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX graphics cards using the ASUS Striker Extreme motherboard and four Seagate 320GB hard drives. Along for the ride were four 1GB DDR2 memory modules and six 120mm case fans as well as a water-cooling system. Even with all this high-end hardware installed we were only able to generate a maximum power demand of 530 watts.

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