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The only reason to do RAID is to provide fault tolerance in case of drive failure. RAID ) is not truly RAID (Redundant Array of Independant/Inexpensive Disks) at all as there is no redundancy and the performance gains are moderate at best while doubling the risk of drive failure. If you need higher drive speeds, you use faster drives and/or a wider bus.

To be technical, RAID 10 is not a RAID 0 array mirrored, it's a RAID 1 array striped.

The difference may seem minor, but it is significant when it comes to fault tolerance. The fact that the array is in RAID 1 first provides the necessary redundancy for fault tolerance, while striping the mirror improves performance somewhat. This permits up to half the array to fail without data loss while striping first and mirroring later (0+1) only has the single drive failure tolerance of RAID 1.
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