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Default AGP ATI 3850, Sapphire vs. Powercolor

Both shown on NCIX, I found a much better price on Soho Diffusion here in Montreal. The PowerColor is still not delivered and is my card of choice because of the cooling unit. This is for my HTPC and limited gaming PC which currently has an All-in-Wonder ATI X800 XT. Good as this latter card is, it does not do for HDCP (Blu-Ray and HD-DVD playback).

Having a 3.2 GHz Intel in there paired to 1GB DDR 400 MHz, I'm confident I'll be able to extend my gaming possibilities a bit.

So, I wonder how much better the cooling is on the PowerColor compared to the Sapphire. I'm not likely to overclock it. Anyone have a clue at how noisy the Sapphire could be? They both sport the same price (160$), but I'm offered the Sapphire as a readily available option. I've searched for temp issues, and found no reviews showing the matter. Perhaps the 3850 has no high temp issues.

Sapphire HD3850 512MB-DDR3 AGP 8x

Please forget the full CPU/memory/mobo/ GPU upgrade option. I've considered it and am not interested in the least bit; not for many months ahead. I'll stand the older games for a long while since I'm not that heavy on gaming nowadays.
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