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That explains a whole lot by Maximum PC. Thanks LCB for the link. RAID 1 is more of a waste of time, only reason to actually do a RAID leaving speed aside is you want double the capacity of the drives, if you just don't get that with RAID1, its not even worth looking at it.

Raid 0+1 however seems interesting, however at the moment I can only invest in 2 drives, I will have to leave that out. RAID 5, only works with a controller which costs an arm and a leg.

The best solution I see here is RAID0 for a raid setup. Talking about backup, is it possible to use a ghosting software to make a ghost on a RAID setup ?. If that possible life can be easy, I have a version of norton ghost 10.0, but i'm sure there must be at least on freeware that is an alternative to norton.

Thanks for the help so far.
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