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Originally Posted by magictorch View Post
I'm not sure you wasted your money on the quad as future games may use them more efficiently plus you said you use multiple apps. As stated, currently games respond better to faster cores rather than 2 vs 4.

You should aim for 3.2 and over to get the best frames out of a 4870.

3.6-3.8 is very achievable on an aftermarket air-cooler with an E6750, you'd need water-cooling to do that with a quad.

Just installed a loop on my brothers QX6700 and it really needs that watercooling to get past 3.2. Huge differences in temperature between the E6750 at a similiar OC.
Games are more GPU bound than they are CPU bound which is why from 3.0ghz on a C2D to 4.0ghz you will see very little difference in FPS.

You can't talk about future in computers because once nehalem comes out and if it proves itself well the quads like the 6600 will become obsolete for the new stuff.
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