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Sorry to keep harping on the backup thing. I just hate to see people go away with a false sense of security.

If you take two drives and test them in RAID0 and RAID1 you will usually see RAID0 is 75-85% faster. This is kind of expected. In RAID1 (mirroring) you have to send all the data to both drives. The advantage is there is basically no overhead for the controller/driver because you just tell both drives to do the same thing. In RAID0 you send half the data to each drive so you effectively double the bandwidth. The advantage is speed and the larger capacity but there is more overhead needed to figure out where everything should be written and where it is if you need it so you do not get twice the performance. Older fake RAID chip sets are worse but modern chip sets are getting better and better.

If you search this forum for hard drive posts you can see some concrete examples.
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