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According to AMD, they're working on a Windows driver to help with gaming performance. So we can expect those gaming numbers to rise as they seem a bit lower than they should be.

AMD firmly believes that they can improve gaming performance with Ryzen optimizations as all the games we tested with were optimized on Intel, so they feel the testing is one sided right now. They also have a Windows Driver coming in approximately one month that will help performance as the Windows High Precision Event Timer (HPET) isn’t playing nice with the SenseMI sensors that poll the CPU status every millisecond.

“AMD expects to create a simplified solution in the next month to set a Windows profile that pairs the optimum performance experienced in the High Performance power plan, with the energy efficiency experienced in the Balanced power plan.” – AMD


Overall i'm still waiting on Ryzen 5 for some 6 core action. I am hoping that one can OC above 4Ghz.
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