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Originally Posted by 10e View Post
Looks good.

Yes, the gaming benchmarks could be a bit better, overclocking more straightforward (or possible LOL) and memory compatibility will have to improve as the platform gets refined, but for someone who wants a good "all-rounder" that is a competent gaming machine and requires parallel workload horsepower, Ryzen looks like a very solid endeavour.

But that price makes Intel look pretty bad. Now we wait for 1080Ti review(s). Ryzen and 1080Ti looks like a viable next step, especially because Vega is still up in space (pun intended)

Great efforts, and great review Sky!

PS: I'll probably go for the 1700 or 1700x once I get some spare gear cleared out. I do a fair bit of virtualization stuff for work and this looks like a great combo for my specific purposes.
Exactly, for someone that does virtualization, this is a no brainer over a 7700K, however, for gamers, there's no reason to upgrade from your haswell (heck even Sandy) chip at the current prices unless you multi-task on your gaming machine, aka, you're a streamer.

However, ryzen 3 will be a whole different story (I hope)
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