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Raid 0 is mirroring
Raid 1 is mirroring and striping
raid 5 is spanned acrtoss 3 or more drives with a drive for parity
raid 5 is the fastest because the more drives you implement, the more drives you have reading and writing at once. Plus you have more cache form the drives.
The downfall is that the best raid 5 implementations require a hardware card, these are about 500 ir so for a decent one that will burst 200 MB/sec and up to or more than 300 operations/sec.
Another option would be to get a raid enclosure and populate with a ton of cheap 60 diollar sata 2 drives. So, if you got a 8 bay enclosure with 160 GB drives, your capacity would be 8 drives X 160 GB - 1 drive.
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