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Just to finish this off for anybody else thatís looking for a backup solution.

I got Acronis TrueImage Home 11 and Iím quite pleased with the tests.
My old system is completely imaged to an external HDD, and I can read
the image on my new system, and restore any folder or file I want from that.
It also supports restores to a new path, not just the original path.
(the old system is getting a re-format / re-install)

The boot disk that trueimage makes is able to read/write all the drives in my new
system, the non-raid ones and it also sees my two drives configured as raid0 as a
single drive, not as two individual drives.

So that should do it, I can make an initial image of my raid0 drive, and do periodic
incremental backups. I can then use that to recover any file I like, and also
restore the entire image back to the raid0 drive if need be, from a separate bootup disk,
including any of the incremental backups. These backup images can also be split
into smaller files, so I could burn them onto dvds as extra protection, if the
backup drive also craps out.

Iím impressed, itís almost too perfect to believe.
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