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sheesh, who the heck cares? Deos anyone here even KNOW how to make a processor do more than sizzle pixels? Like, I mean, cmon on! get with the program! Are you like running Enterprise Oracle or something? Oh I know! I know! your actually doing a load distributed round robin High availibility web server rack that can with stand a hundred thousand page access a min? Plus, connected to a back end dual processor database server? Its a freakin desktop! And actually, I dont think you can actually tell the differnace between AMD or INTEL unless you have some cheesy application that has a dodgy rep teling you otherwise. ANd htan, out comes all the disclaimers LoL, oh, its got bugs that cant read ACTUAL FSB volts, or something stupid LoL. Last AMD I had it rocked, last Intel I had, it rocked. LAst Geforece card I had, it was kewl, same with radeon. Heck, if it lets me pwn in games, I like it. Like a vehicle, it servers a purpose.
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