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Thanks for the responses so far. I'll try and provide a little more info.

Don't think I can afford more than a 24" monitor at the moment.
I don't want to build it myself the NCIX option seems easiest.
If push comes to shove I'd side with an Intel CPU and Nvidia GPU.
I prefer the setup be easy to upgrade/expand (want a case that will make that easy).
I'd like the system to be able to play MMORPG's at full vid settings (or as close as budget allows) with high FPS.
Lookin for atleast 4 gigs of RAM want to expand to 8 gigs eventually (not sure which kind is best anymore, last time I bought a computer it was the year 2000 heh.
I'm not sure what to do with the duo/quad choice (is it better to get a quad now so that I don't have to upgrade again so soon?)
I'm not planning on overclocking this rig.

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