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Default Dead Space : Survival Horror with Deep Backstory.

To anyone that hasn't fugured it out through previous post's of mine I am REALLY looking forward to Dead Space. I am a huge survival horror fan especially the horror aspect. Though I liked the original Resident Evil, resident evil 2 and Silent Hill really were some of the most memorable games for me even today. And although they were great games the story behind them is really what hooked me. And even though Dead Space isn't even out yet I can allready feel it happening again. I kept up with the 4 issues of the online comic which is a prologue to the game and though the shit doesn't actually hit the fan till the last issue I found myself totally engrossed and wanting more. There is a new website which takes you even further which I beleive is set just before or during the actual game and its totally creepy. Just some of the computer screens giving you your estimated survival time gives you a feel for just how screwed everyone on the ship was, and the voices your hearing well yeah they don't help at all... All in all the amount of thought and insight that they have already put into all this stuff makes me want to play this game so much more... but then again I could be setting myself up for a huge disapointment to. Anyways I reccomend you check out the webcomics before you check out the website. All the comics can be found on Gametrailers. I hope a few other people are looking forward to this game as much as me.
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