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Originally Posted by DK2 View Post
Iím more comfortable with a good ol backup rather than raid5, thanks thou.
As you should be. RAID /= backup

Originally Posted by DK2 View Post
What Iím trying to do exactly is get an initial disk image of my installation (an HDD and DVD backup),
Is that really necessary? In two months all your patches, configs, and tweaks will be out of date. If a drive dies on you how long will it take you to replace it? After that wait will the difference between half an hour and half a day really be worth it; especially considering that full system backups are often hit or miss? I am not saying it is impossible; just that it is often unlikely for home use.

Originally Posted by DK2 View Post
Game installs etc. they donít matter, they are easy to install again, and all you lose is save games and stuff...
Comodo, and lots of other software, lets you target individual folders or even files. So you can back up your save games and not the rest of the game install. Considering the save games are usually only a few megs each this might be worth setting up. I hate losing my progress.

Originally Posted by DK2 View Post
My last build I used ghost, the backup went great, the restore not so much, so I trashed that
Ghost is notoriously flaky. The vast majority of Ghost users make Ghost images but never even attempt to restore from them.
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