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Originally Posted by b1lk1 View Post
Sorry, there is nothing creative ever build or thought of that can hold a candle to the Xonar. EAX is over-rated and even creative cards have to emulate it in Vista since Vista does not allow it to function so you are still offloading the work to the CPU to get EAX in Vista.
That is not quite correct. In Vista, the Direct Sound HAL is gone. Without this, in older games which use direct sound the audio rountines cannot "talk" to the audio card and have it change effect parameters based on the game.

In comes ALchemy, This wraps the Directsound calls to OpenAL calls.

The "Game" cards can Hardware accelerate EAX effects using the OpenAL API under Vista. OpenAL works as it always has and is not affected one bit by Vista. The gaming effects produced under Vista are not emulated. EAX effects are emulated on the Xonars though and tax the CPU.

OpenAL games still have full hardware acceleration and older DS games are wrapped using ALchemy and so they are also hardware accelerated. Everything works as it should and users did not lose hardward acceleration that is a common mis-conception. The only thing "missing" is the DS HAL, nothing more.

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