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Cptn, another Vrap? yer trying to break me arenít you!
Iím more comfortable with a good ol backup rather than raid5, thanks thou.

The System has only been running a few days.
What Iím trying to do exactly is get an initial disk image of my installation (an HDD and DVD backup),
and also an image of my old system that I read with the new system, just in case I miss copying something over.
So then if something happens I can always get back to that point, these are the primary applications and setup that I need.
After that I always do separate backup of my work folders, whatever.
Game installs etc. they donít matter, they are easy to install again, and all
you lose is save games and stuff, and mods always go in my work folders anyways.

My last build I used ghost, the backup went great, the restore not so much, so I trashed that.
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