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My System Specs


Heh, with the multi-monitor it makes the TrackIR a little less of a needed gadget I guess, but it is still cool to use the 6 axis to look at dials close, over the nose landing, out the side window and so on!

I don't know the coverage but I read the review at Avsim and it just looked so nice I had to get it. I wanted one real nice commercial aircraft and decided that I would get the Twotter because it has the Canadian SAR paint scheme (I turned down a posting to Yellowknife... bad timing for me but it would have been fun!). Another reason for the Twin is the ability to put on floats, skiis or wheels and fly anywhere in the world.

I would link the review but Avsim clicks me through and doesn't put the address up in the bar for a quick cut and paste. It is easy to find though, have a look.

I have a few add ons, the Extreme Landscapes 2 for North America and the World one. Cloud 9 landclasses for Canada and the US and MyTraffic X for some added colour.
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