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lol you think i need trackIR with 66 inches of monitor space? actually i was thinking of getting it, i was going to get it a while ago, but i got a vusix vr920 instead. it was a mistake, the IR is better, but the vusix is still pretty cool.

i think i've got every add on available for the flight sim lol fs genisis for the world, FEX, GEX, coranado's flight suite, (my fav is the cesna 182R) and i'm impatiently waiting for Real environment extreem...

i just got Xplane 9 wich is gorgeous! and runs alot smoother than fsx... its got its own downsides from fsx though...

I fly with a few friends with IL2 also. I've been thinking about getting the lukla xscenery, how large is the scenery area with that one?

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