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My System Specs


So I get it. Essentially a custom setup, in an AIO with shitty fans.
Funny point to mention, I would consider myself an 'old school' water cooler guy. I loved having the ultra performance of new gear taken to it's limits. I now actually like the AIO's as they are way easier to setup and maintain.. coupled with the fact that overclocking has become a bit 'meh' with boards now basically doing all the work for you. That's a long rant for another time, I just wanted to bring that up as you pointed out the hardcore guys would balk at the idea of running AIO's. I run them because I don't have time to tinker and want it to run with great performance.

For these comparisons, I appreciate you comparing the fans that come stock with the AIO / heatsinks - however as with most 'system tweakers' (whatever we call ourselves these days) the argument could be made that we're going to use our own fans for these units.
I am interested in the performance of the system, not the slow low static pressure fans that come with it. Perhaps in the future could we see an apples to apples approach with the benchmarks, ie - use the same fans in the Corsair and EK AIO to see the difference in the hardware they are presenting?
I personally use Scythe fans for rads I have stocked up from years past when they were affordable and available. I'm not certain what the latest and greats fans out there are to purchase these days (something from Noctua?) but I would be interested in that type of comparison to judge the hardware of what's available. I know it would get harder when we have 1, 2 and 3 fan rads, and the fact that some are 120mm and others 140mm.

Thanks for the review SkyMTL.

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