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Originally Posted by Jon_di2 View Post
How could there be no throttling? They are reselling a bell line, and bell throttles all of the lines that they resell for P2P apps?

I had techsavvy in Ottawa and they were pretty good, great customer service, and I had the speeds that they advertised. But again for any P2P applications there is throttling.

I also had Nexicom in Peterborough, great speeds, even faster then advertised, but I think they only provide serive for Central Ontario and the Kawarthas.
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Sorry I didn't think about that. Yeah its throttled but I run MLPPP so its not throttled.

Originally Posted by lcdguy View Post
Well i am sure the owner of teksavvy would have a difference of opinion but if you want dsl and live in ontario/pq then chances are it is going to be going through bell's network no matter how you cut it since they had ALL of the infrastructure except up north. But as far as options go it is probably the best value for the money. Especially since they support mlppp :)
No teksavvy has no DSLAMs, thats what I'm saying. Actually I work with the Nephew and cousin of the owners of Teksavvy, so I know a great deal about em. Nice company, but unfortunately they're bell resellers with no presence. I reckon that might change soon.

Ok thanks :). I knew its pretty much Bell resold or nothing, I was hoping I might be missing something (I've never been in my co-lo, only one downtown, so I don't know who else has their own dslams).
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