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Originally Posted by TwystedMonkey View Post
So this is kinda a long a story.... when I originally received the HP I am using right now it came with a 7500 LE video card. An interesting feature of this 256 mb card was to share up to 700 mb of ram to increase its own performance. Now my system still only has the 2 gigs of RAM it originally came and I know Vista is ram whore and it likes 2 gigs but it likes it all to itself.... anyways flash forward to today and I am now using an 8800 in my system and to say the least performance is on a totally different plane of measurement. I just went into my nvidia control panel today and hit the system info button and it showed the 512 mb of the 8800 gt but its STILL saying I have 1200 mb of available system memory? now I have know idea if this is a big deal at all but it bother me and I would love to know all of my ram is available for Vista if the whore needs it... I have looked everywhere I can think of to find a way to disable this memory sharing but I can find nothing. Any help or anything anyone can think of would be appreciated.
Did you go into the bios and disable onboard video?
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