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Do you have the latest NVidia control panel software? The GX2 acts as 1 GPU not 2, installing 2 GX2's do not act as 4 GPU's although they show that way. Do you have them installed in PCI-E slots 1 and 3?...they only work in SLI installed in those slots with the SLI bridge attached. You also have to go into the Bios and make SLI "enabled", I don't have my rig running right now and I can't remember exactly which screen it is in but you can't miss it. Also, SLI does not work with multiple monitors to the best of my knowledge although I've never tried with mine but I'm pretty sure it doesn't. SLI works fine with Vista or XP so that isn't the issue.

If you go to EVGA's web site forums you'll find all the answers there for sure.

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