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Thx !

Originally Posted by Lithotech View Post
Am I correct to assume that the pipe will be covered with some sort of anti-condensation material (foam)?
I'm not sure yet.

Ideally yes , however , this is a 'test-rig' kinda thing , so it's gotta be removeable if I do.I can't spray on foam or anything , because the top may require further fabrication down the road.

Also, as long as I don't run into 'ice-dam' issues , it does'nt matter if I get condensation on the top.It's Isolated from the rest of the tank , so a heat loss is less important there.

Besides , heavy frost looks cool.


Heavy ? .... Transportation ? ....


The rig as it sits right now , is at least 400 pounds easily.That's with no piping , no pump,no liquid ,no dry ice , etc.....

I don't think it's ever going anywhere.


With any luck I'll have a few pics later........going out to the shop now.

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