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SLI certified is a marketing scheme.
Kinda like SLI motherboards...
Sadly Nvidia locks other chipsets so you cannot run SLI on let's say an Intel chipset.
For older cards you could bypass this with modified drivers but now with the G80 its not possible so far...
Business is business but I think its wrong, I'll have no choice to get myself a 680i or other nvidia chipset to run my cards :(

Anyways SKY if you ever have a 680i mobo for sale let us know :p
(I know we haven't been on the same opinion in the past but such is life)

Anyways if anyone is interested in the Mushkin 650W i'd say go for it before someone else buys it.
I have one myself and its very stable.
I remember with my Ultra, sometimes I could hear my fans slow down and go back up everyonece in a while.
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