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I have no official word on exactly when - or even IF - the 750 is about to be replaced... but my... well lets call it a 'guess' (and absolutely not based on any insider information or anything like that) is that its really high in their queue. Some more QA needs to be on the... well lets call it a '760' before its released. But the fact that it may (or may not) be in that stage means yeah its probably (or maybe not if it runs into problems) getting ready to be mass produced.

Based on my 'guess' Id say a Q maybe 2 at the most. Of course this is just based on hearsay and just me guessing and assuming no unexpected issues are encountered (eg the first SandForce based Intel drive took nearly an extra year to be released due to firmware issues!) etc etc etc ;)

IMHO get the best drive you need, when you need it and dont worry about what is coming down the pipe. Its not like a 750 is magically going to get 'slow' the day after its EOL'ed! Same with this RD400. If a quarter or two from now they release a... lets call it RD450 the RD400 will still potentially be a good choice. The only time I would say differently is if its weeks away.. then I would recommend peeps wait. But IIRC its not that close. :P
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