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Originally Posted by Jokester View Post
While I understand not being able to get your hands on every piece of hardware... saying samsung is behind doesn't seem true... as the benchmarks I have seen its either on par or bests the Toshiba so it seems to be a fair competitor to pit against. Unless I'm missing a key element?
Yes. Re-read my answer. Customer Service is IMHO a key area. Arguably more important shear performance... as there comes a point when the avg home user will not notice the difference. Honestly, once again IMHO, it is what separates companies that take consumers seriously and those who are pulling a 'me too' just so as to have a brand to showcase every type of NAND 'you' make.

Compare and contrast how some customers are treated with say Crucial (Micron) or Intel (IMFT) vs Samsung to see the difference in philosophy.

Originally Posted by crazyea View Post
Honestly. You are a reviewer, reviewing an SSD drive. While his comment wasn't entirely thought provoking, you should not take it personally. If you don't want people to comment on your reviews then maybe you shouldn't post them in the forum.

Now, whatever your opinion is in regards to Samsung's customer service your reply is not something I would expect from a reliable reviewer. OCZ probably has the worst track record of them all and here you are reviewing their latest device, albeit in partnership with Toshiba.

Samsung has some of the best performing SSD drives on the market. They are also hugely popular and as such I would recommend that you include them in your reviews if you want to add substance to them.
I did not take it personally, nor should you take what I say personally. I replied with more thought and effort than the questioner. I thanked him/her and then gave an indepth answer. If you decide that there is some hidden malice in my words... that is your problem not mine.

Now as to your points.

1) Samsung treats Canadian customers like ****. So no, they will not be in our charts. I rather abstain and give no information than give information that can be taken out of context and become bad information. There are plenty of other sites that just want page hits, HWC prides itself on doing more than just worrying about page hits.

2) The OCZ you are referring to... no longer exists. It hasnt for quite some time now. Toshiba bought them, cleaned house and implemented a radical change. The largest is the customer service they offer. In this case its a five year hassle free warranty... that is one of the best, most painless RMA experiences you can find. Its why this drive is a TOSHIBA ocz RD400... and not an OCZ toshiba RD400 model.
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