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Originally Posted by klepper View Post
I thought the EXACT same thing. 950 Pro is the only real comparable and it's not even in any benchmarks. What a useless review.
The 950 Pro is a good series. But it is not the only competitor. Its arguably not even the biggest or most important. Samsung still have their head firmly planted in an unmentionable place when it comes to this pesky thing called "customer service". They have made claims in the past which have proven to be incorrect, so while they make good kit they are not in our charts and probably will not be for the foreseeable future. IMHO even mentioning them is doing a disservice to our readers. The less said about them the better.... until they catch up with the rest of the industry.

Their are two classes of devices the RD400 is directly competing against. The first is NVMe based devices. Due to so few models available for consumers to choose from it is arguable that the biggest competitor is the Intel 750 not the Sam 950 Pro. This is group A of the competitors.

The second group is AIC (Add In Card... aka PCIe cards) form-factored based models. The standard does not really matter as much as only the end result does. Once again this includes the Intel 750, but also includes everything from G.Skill to older OCZ drives due to lack of NVMe based options (for the time being).

These are the two big groups that the RD400 will have to 'fight' for consumers hard earned dollar.

However with that being said, and IMHO, as this is a RevoDrive - and not say a VT - model its biggest competition... is the older model it is superseding. Not including a good example of the older RevoDrives would have made the review worthless... not Samsung. I will let consumers thinking about upgrading their existing AIC to this model draw their own conclusion as there are too many variables to make a sweeping statement one way or the other.
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