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Default Video Card Artifacting, but not the VC???


Here is the system:

P5B PLus
TRUE with Yate-Loon
Antec TP2 450
OCZ 2gb Platinums
2 Seagate 320's in Raid 1
8600gt then 8800gt

First, nothing is overclocked.

OK, so I was artifacting with the 8600gt in games like Civ4 so I grabbed an eVGA 8800gt from Futureshop last night for $119, how could I resist, and I figured it would solve the problem. It didn't still artifacting.

Next, I swapped in a Corsair 620hx, and that didn't solve the problem.

Then I ran memtest for 10 hours, no errors.

I am at a loss now, what next?

There is no way I have two bad videocards, in fact I don't as they both run great in my own system, and the Corsair is perfect as it came out of my own system.

Any ideas where to go next in my pursuit of the ability to run Civ4??!!!

Thank you.
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