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Originally Posted by Bond007 View Post
Seems like a great gaming monitor on a budget. Getting closer to my wants. Swap that panel to a 1440p IPS (or similar), at 70+Hz and I'm in if they can get it around $400ish.
That's what I am looking for as well. I'm not really comfortable with spending close to a thousand dollars on a monitor alone (even my 2343BWX's didn't cost anywhere near that when I bought them). The closest monitor I found was a Samsung 4K entry-level model U28E590D but that's $600 and I missed the sale on those. I'd really like to try 1600P or 1440P but at the moment I am not sure it's a necessity and I may take a performance hit at those resolutions running the older Kepler GTX 780/Titan series in SLI.
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