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My System Specs

Default Well...

I have 2 of these ordered, will be here Monday (8.25.08) for my dual G92 GTS in SLI.

My GPU temps are 47*C idle and 58*C with stock cooler and fans @ 40%, each re-seated with MX-2. Each card though does have an HR-11 on it.

I will pop the Twin Turbos on and test idle and load temps, MX-2 is pre-applied so using same paste. Fan speeds will be stock for now, and I will log them and compare to my stock cooler idle and load temp logs.

Results posted for anyone interested, and I hope their more reviews are being done too. I usually wait before buying anything, but this time I'm jumping in feeling these will do very well in an Antec 900 case with 6x 120mm fans and 1x 200mm fan.
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