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So say you have a 980Ti that can push 4k at 40 FPS or 1440P at 65 FPS (for argument's sake, not looking up benchmarks right now) which monitor would you pick? I'm leaning towards the 1440P Gsync myself but I'm interested to hear your thoughts.
If there was a 34" 4K non ultra-widescreen monitor with G-SYNC I'd go for that in a heartbeat. While Anthony loves the 4K aspect of this 27" monitor, I'm mostly ambivalent to it since from my playing distance of about 24" I really can't see all that much of a difference between my 27" Dell 1440P and 27" 4K Predator. Maybe some see the benefits of 4K on a slightly smaller screen but I don't so I'd go with the higher framerate 1440P.
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