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Originally Posted by Lysrin View Post
Wow. OK so I only speed read the review because it is late here but what I did get out of it was pretty impressive, especially given the relative price. One question remains for me, and perhaps AkG commented on it and I missed it: can you really do 4K on a 27" screen and be able to read text at normal sizes? I have seen lots of folks comment that no, it doesn't work well, and you have to get into DPI scaling which is still a bit of a dog's breakfast as far as I understand. So what did you think of doing the non-gaming, non-movie watching activities on this monitor? Again sorry if it's there and I read past it... zzzzz... Thanks!

Oh and one other question :) could a 980 push enough fps when combined with G-Sync to get a nice gaming experience or is it still really 980 Ti territory?
'Normal sizes' is a rather vague term. Running windows 10 I had zero issues once I set everything up. Did this take a while... oh hell yes. This is not a plug and play monitor. BUT once it was setup text is razor sharp. Right now Im using an X34... and missing the X271HK all ready. Text is just not as sharp. Just wish they made a 34-inch version as it probably would be the best of both worlds. Sharp text... but less setup issues.

Could a 980 push it? Sure. G-Sync is what makes it possible. You could probably do it with a 970. Will you have to worry about the "60FPS limit"... probably not. But gaming is certainly possible!

For an idea on what you need... this monitor demands 497.6 million pixels per second to max it out. This is about the same as a 1440P monitor at 135 frames per second. To hit 30fps its about the same as 1440P at 68FPS. So it is high... but doable with one 980.
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