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My System Specs


Wow. OK so I only speed read the review because it is late here but what I did get out of it was pretty impressive, especially given the relative price. One question remains for me, and perhaps AkG commented on it and I missed it: can you really do 4K on a 27" screen and be able to read text at normal sizes? I have seen lots of folks comment that no, it doesn't work well, and you have to get into DPI scaling which is still a bit of a dog's breakfast as far as I understand. So what did you think of doing the non-gaming, non-movie watching activities on this monitor? Again sorry if it's there and I read past it... zzzzz... Thanks!

Oh and one other question :) could a 980 push enough fps when combined with G-Sync to get a nice gaming experience or is it still really 980 Ti territory?
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