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Originally Posted by geokilla View Post
For the monitor, if you're willing to drop down to 22", the Acer 2216 is an excellent multimedia monitor. Many people have used it and they've got no complaints. It's cheap too. Just a suggestion =)

Like what Sugar said, if you don't plan on upgrading over the next 2 to 3 years, get the quad core. You can always overclock it, and depending on some applications, it'll be faster than the dual core. For gaming, the dual core will be faster, but gaming is largely GPU dependent as well.

I don't think you'll need to Crossfire. Run a single 4870 for now, and if you don't like the FPS you're getting, sell it and get a 4870X2. Or you can just get 2 4870 lol.

Happy building! =)
I actually looked at that monitor, it is quite a price difference, but i had the chance to play Unreal Tournament 3 on a 24" monitor the other day, and that's something i just have to have (I'll also be using the monitor for watching movies until i get my 47" LCD in the next couple months or so)

Sounds like i'll be sticking with the Q9450, seems like the best bargain overall for what i'm looking for, thanks!

The 4870 X2 just sounds so awesome, i'm willing to make that the most expensive part in my purchase. I've always used ATI cards (upgrading from an X700) and i'm glad to be buying at a time when they have one of the best cards out there available. Any comments on Visiontek compared to Diamond, HIS, Asus and such? Like i said earlier, i read that visiontek would be best, but open to suggestions.
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