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Awesome, so i think i will stick with the quad core. Might be an extra chunk of change, but over the long run, i think it'll be worth it.

For the difference, i think i'll go with the Mushkin HP. I've seen a bunch of people recommend them, and somehow, they look like they're made from a tank. I figure you can't go wrong with something that looks that serious.

The IDE thing shouldn't be a problem, my DVDRW is SATA (which has been a curst with my current mobo, since it can't boot from it) and even if something happens that i need the extra IDE connectors, i have a PCI SATA/IDE card that works pretty well, though i think i'll avoid it all together and get rid of all but two of my IDE HDs, maybe just use the others for offline backup.

Thanks again for the great advice.
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