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Originally Posted by SugarJ View Post
Vendetta 2 - Heatpipe Direct Touch. This is better than having the heatpipes mounted inside a block. The heat transfers directly to the pipes and up into the fins without having to travel through a heatsink. Check out the review on this site.
Thanks SugarJ, what a great review. My mind is made up on the HSF, Vendetta 2 for sure. Although it sounds like installation will be less than exciting. Ah well, it'll make everything else that much more satisfying.

Thanks Dwayne, that gives me a bit more confidence I really don't know a lot about the RAM. When i first started this build, i was thinking about going DDR3 at 2000mhz, but from what i've read, that would be total overkill and a good waste of several hundred dollars. So i figure i'll go DDR2 for now, and by the next upgrade, i guess it'll be DDR9.5 or so and i'll see what the budget allows for at that point.
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