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My System Specs


Great minds think alike they say, you must have a great mind :) very similar parts to my build. I got the Corsair Dominator RAM from NCIX, it had a $40 rebate at the time and is 1066 rated though it should clock up to 1333 fine. I have not tried any OC yet. I have the same MB, PS, HD. I got the VisionTek 4870 but not x2... I think I may Crossfire but I understand that my CF will be 2 8 bit paths vice the 16 of the single slot. Still should run like stink though. I am not that familiar with the case you picked though I will look it up, I like reading about all enclosures. I have an Antec 900, though next time I think the 1200 would be easier to work in. I have a Coolmaster 690 on the way for the wife's computer, I liked the look of that one with some extra fans. The OCZ Vendetta 2 cooler is nice. The pushpin setup seems to work fine but I still hate the snapping sound when installing it. My idle temps are 10C apart, but I have seen a number of Core2Duo and some Quad posts that have the odd reading even after reseating the HS and fan. My low idle is 28 high idle core is 38. When I run Prime95 at stock clocks for 30 min the temps get closer but the top never gets above about 45 (37ish for the lower core). I am really happy with the Vendetta 2. I think you'll be very happy with the parts you picked... it is just a blast putting it all together and getting that first boot too! :) Good luck with the build.

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