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Thanks, great catch on the 640Gb hard drives! I already have something like 2.2TB in my system (i store a lot of TV/Movies/Music/Pictures and the like), but an extra 280 Gigs never hurt anyone :)

I looked at the Vendetta 2, but the way the heatpipes are setup, without having a totally flat surface, would that affect the heat spread at all or anything? Don't know a lot about them, i just remember reading that the surface should be as smooth and flat as possible.

As for the Power Supply, is there any major difference besides the modular cables? I'm not too worried about that part of it, my case is big enough to tuck the cables away. Just want to make sure there's enough power to run everything. Is there any other reason that the power supply would be worth the extra $, and have less Wattage?

Thanks again, getting really excited for this buy, it'll probably be my last for a while.
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