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My System Specs


That's a damn nice list of parts. You've done your homework. I'd stay to the 750w power supply myself, with all your extra drives and stuff. The 620 would probably be ok, but the fan noise increases as your load percentage increases. That is, you'd probably notice the fan noise more from the 620 running at 80% load than the 750 running at 67% load.

If you don't plan to OC, or even to "mildly" OC your system, that HSF will be just fine. And your memory would be ok to a 3.2Ghz overclock (8x400). Whether you can get the chip there without overpowering the AC7 is another issue. As geokilla said, the Mushkins are very popular, but in short supply right now.

As for the monitor, I'd take the Benq over Acer. And you will absolutely love 24", I use them both at work and home.

As for saving some cash, you could look at a E8400-E8500 processor, it would actually be better for gaming, but not as quick for your video converting/editing. Or you get a Q9300 and OC the hell out of it. The Q6600 is still a pretty good chip too, just not 45nm.
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