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Default Virus problem...Help


Yesterday I went to check the problem my father was complaining about on his computer. First I checked for spywares with ad-aware because there was a thing stating there was a spyware. Then, I ran Hijackthis and removed some Braviax.exe related things. Then I found and cleaned 81 virus(trojan related) with AVG. He doesn't keep it updated, so the database is probably a week old(last time I updated it). The problem is that the issue was not solved.

I continued to check it out, but the computer is acting in a more and more troublesome way. It freezes a lot, well on screen everything is fine, but the mouse and keyboard freeze. I tried to scan from USB, but it was hell cuz it was always freezing and when I went back to my computer, I had to clean my USB key cuz Avast was detecting a virus.

Anyway, many scans and attempts of scans later, the computer doesn't show as if it was infected by spyware, but there are still viruses and it still freezes a lot.

I am wondering if I could pop my HDD which is IDE in his computer(he has IDE cables) and set it as a master while I'd use his SATA HDD as a slave and then I could run my up to date Avast antivirus on his HDD.

Other than that I don't know what I can do. I am having lots of problem with my internet too, my router seems to be dead and that is the computer that was connecting through the router. And I hesitate to connect it to the Internet even tho I wished I could just run Kaspersky free trial or Trendmicro's online scan.

Right now, I am doing a third(or fourth) attempt at running AVG with oudated database. Actually to be very precise: I have 270.6.5/1620 when the latest would be 270.6.6/1625.
I actually downloaded those and tried to put them on his computer to update without Internet and I could not do it. Didn't even manage to get to the point where I could transfer from USB key to his computer.
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