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My System Specs


I have the XB271HU, and had a the DELL U2713H before it... and I've really found that 2560x1440 in a 27" monitor is the ultimate size/resolution for me. I want to be able to look dead center at a monitor, and have my peripheral perfectly encompass the surrounding screen, without having to turn my head side-to-side for the outer edges. That said, I think if I was in to racing games I would be more on board with the ultra-wide, curved screens, but I really only play a couple of those.

This is a great review for, what appears to be an absolutely phenomenal monitor overall. I might even be tempted to try it just to see if I'm missing out... but not for $1700+ CAD. I just don't see it being worth almost double the price of my XB271HU. $900 was hard enough to choke down for a monitor... there's no way I'm paying double that, no matter how good it is.
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