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OK thanks. So there is only a "feel" of being contrained caused by the extra width; trick of the eye. This would be a similar feel I would guess if someone was running say 3 1080p monitors in a multi-monitor set up. So in the case of the 3440x1440s in reality you are actually seeming more in game space than you would on a 2560x1440 monitor, it's just that the additional peripheral information makes it seem vertically narrow. So the example of not seeing the sniper on the roof top wouldn't be accurate. Looking forward in game you would have equal chance of seeing them on 2560x1440 and 3440x1440, correct? Although I haven't played on an ultrawide, it could perhaps be argued that you would have a greater chance of seeing them get into position on the 3440 screen as you have more chance of seeing them coming in the wider peripheral view. That a fair comment?

Thanks for the clarification. At least I don't have to relearn what resolutions mean because I just wasn't getting it! HWC is not the only site that has reviewed the ultrawides with similar language and it perplexed me. I assumed perhaps it was more related to games not handling the wide resolution well.
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