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Originally Posted by DK2 View Post
does it come with hand cuffs and a bright spot light?

I had a good chair once, so comfortable I fell asleep in it a few times.
I'd still have it if the wife didn't deem it as old.
Now I have one she bought me for x-mas. Unconfortable, adjustments suck.
Total piece of crap. standard response "ya, its nice, I like it"

no..but you can add alot of things in this chair,,

seatbelts (work better than handcuffs) you can just lock a person in the chair,,,and she(probably=_=) will never find a way to get out ..until you do all your interrogating XD

spot light? yes,,i see alot of lights with clips that can fit this chair right,,

well,,,this is all from china

point is,,,can you find this kind of chair in canada?

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