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If you go DDR2 chances are most people on here will suggest you go with the Mushkin Redlines or the Mushkin Ascent DDR2. They're both heavily in demand right now due to how good they are so they might not be in stock. It just seems to be the best bang for the buck. High quality and excellent support and you get access to Mushkin Greg on these forums for setting the timings with whatever mobo you choose to get the best results out of your overlocking.

P182 and antec 900 are both great cases. You could also go antec 1200 if you wanted more space and better cable management just have to make sure your psu cables are long enough to reach the mobo. Call me crazy but I also like the look of the NZXT LEXA, the black one with the red led. I don't have any experience with it though.

I like the idea of getting a mobo with both ddr2/ddr3 that way when prices come down and you feel the need to upgrade, that option is available to you later. All I know is to make sure you get one of the new chipsets, either x48 or P45 I believe?
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