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Default Weird problem

Hello, recently I have had a few problems.

Last Thursday they shut the electricity to work on some things and everything was fine, then at some point this week end(let's say Sunday), my surge protector stopped working. After looking at it, the button that turns it on is struggling to work, meaning that I can't turn it on.

To fix this, I too this huge surge protector which I have been too lazy to install on the tv and I put it on my computer until I get a new one. Everything went well.

Yesterday, while the computer is on, Hydro-Quebec shut the electricity, when I see that, I decide to unplug the surge protector and only to connect it back when the power is back. And so I do. However, at this moment, I am found unable to connect to the Internet. My set up is as follow, Ethernet cable going from computer to router, ethernet cable going from router to cable modem and cable going from modem to where it needs to go. I have checked everything and the only way I can get the Internet to work is if I connect my computer directly to the modem(meaning no router is connected). Is my router dead or I am dumb ? All the lights open normally on the router.

What could be my problem ?
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