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Originally Posted by cadaveca View Post

See i can do that too, and it isn't very mature, now is it?

I hate to say it, but I'm the only one really explaining Mircostutter technically, but I'm all ears if you "have the real answer".

In the end, my only goal is to de-mistify the problem. I am confident AMD has a superb fix for dual-gpus. So any additional info is more than welcome.

Have you reverse-engineered the driver and found the source? Are you a developer for AMD, covered by NDA, and cannot say? Are you going to help deal with the issue, or hinder it? Claiming the problem is something else than what it really is just going to make matters worse.

I mean, please contact AMD and see what they have to say about the issue. Point them to this thread, and ask they step in. I don't want to argue with you about it...really...but I will not let the disinformation continue.
Once again, you are not the only one who understands it fully. Please read my clarifying posts, and accept this fact. There are plenty of people around the internet that have written articles and done testing on this.

Next time don't jump to conclusions so quickly, and think that maybe, just maybe, someone out there somewhere might know what they're talking about...
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